Hatyai…………good to be back again

It seems to be ages ago that I was in this wonderful town. With the grace of Allah SWT I had the good fortune of coming to this town again after so many years.

Lots of things have changed but the town remains close to my heart.

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ASWJ Research Group

Alhamdulillah, came across an informative website answering doubts cast upon by the likes of Abu Anas Madani ( Dr Abdul Basith ) , those who are influenced by the Wahhabi sect and also Shi’ites.

May Allah SWT guide us all towards the truth and protect us from the wrong path, in Sha Allah.

Please visit the site….The site is in Bahasa Indonesia.

Streamyx – A Prepaid Service

I’ve just recently applied for Streamyx since the need to use cable broadband was not a priority to me before this.

Previously I was a client of a wireless broadband company, which sent their bill a month AFTER i have used their services.

It came as a surprise to me that Streamyx is a prepaid service. Maybe i should have been more informed since the telemarkerters did not mentioned that to me when i first enquired about their services.                                              😛