FBI: Main stream American Muslims likely to be terrorist sympathizers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was reported to teach it’s counter terrorism agents that:

  1. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a cult leader.
  2. Mainstream American Muslims are likely to sympathize with terrorists.
  3. Islamic practice of giving charity ( sadaqah ) is just another name for funding mechanism for combat.
  4. Contended that the more devout a Muslim is, the more violent he will be!
  5. Islam justifies ANY war against non believers!
  6. Moderation process of the Muslim won’t happen if the Muslim continue to regard the Qur’an as the unalterable word of Allah!
Source: Wired

Radical Islamic Group threatening South Park actually run by a JEW!

In the name of freedom of speech, people deem it their right to humiliate or satirize well known religious figure.

The latest act done by South Park is just another act to belittle the Holy Prophet even though Molly Norris, the artist who drew the cartoon said on her website  this is not meant to disrespect any religion, but rather meant to protect people’s right to express themselves.

So to protect people’s right to express themselves it is ok to humiliate other people?

What’s interesting about this episode is the threat coming from a RADICAL ISLAMIC group… Continue reading

The Cost of Israel to U.S. Taxpayers: True Lies About U.S. Aid to Israel

By Richard H. Curtiss

For many years the American media said that “Israel receives $1.8 billion in military aid” or that “Israel receives $1.2 billion in economic aid.” Both statements were true, but since they were never combined to give us the complete total of annual U.S. aid to Israel, they also were lies—true lies.

Recently Americans have begun to read and hear that “Israel receives $3 billion in annual U.S. foreign aid.” That’s true. But it’s still a lie. The problem is that in fiscal 1997 alone, Israel received from a variety of other U.S. federal budgets at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000.

One can truthfully blame the mainstream media for never digging out these figures for themselves, because none ever have. They were compiled by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. But the mainstream media certainly are not alone. Although Congress authorizes America’s foreign aid total, the fact that more than a third of it goes to a country smaller in both area and population than Hong Kong probably never has been mentioned on the floor of the Senate or House. Yet it’s been going on for more than a generation.

Probably the only members of Congress who even suspect the full total of U.S. funds received by Israel each year are the privileged few committee members who actually mark it up. And almost all members of the concerned committees are Jewish, have taken huge campaign donations orchestrated by Israel’s Washington, DC lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), or both. These congressional committee members are paid to act, not talk. So they do and they don’t.

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Mc Cain’s Pastor preaching End Time Confrontation

In a 2006 address to CUFI, Hagee declared:

The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West… a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to the Rapture, Tribulation, and Second Coming of Christ.

Speaking to the 2007 AIPAC conference, Hagee compared supporters of a two-state solution in the Middle East to Nazis. Hagee also echoed right-wing Israeli politician Binyamin Netanyahu, telling the audience that “Iran is Germany and Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler.”