Preparing for Ramadan

monthIn less than two weeks, in Sha Allah SWT Muslims worldwide will be welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan. What preparations should we make to welcome it?

Firstly, make dua to Allah SWT that we will have the good fortune of welcoming the blessed month in perfect health and be happy for it’s arrival soon.

Secondly, make sure you have the correct knowledge concerning Saum

Thirdly, take care of your health since during the blessed month most of us ( hopefully ) will increase our ibadah such as reciting the Holy Qur’an, performing lots of nawafil solah such as Tarawih and Witr and etc.

Fourthly, set aside a portion of your wealth for infaq.

Finally, in these remaining days of Shaaban, discuss amongst yourselves the virtues of Ramadan and Saum so as to prepare ourselves spiritually to embrace it wholeheartedly, in Sha Allah SWT.


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