Haramain – A Journey to strengthen faith

Alhamdulillah, I had the good fortune of performing umrah recently together with my beloved wife and friends. We took the 3 pm flight from KLIA on the 25th of January and arrived safely at King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah at 7.55 pm ( Local time) As soon as we had finished putting aside our baggages in our hotel room at Ajwad Ajyad, Room 302, we immediately went to perform our obligatory umrah around 3 am!

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Masjidil Haram was under reconstruction, the only entry and exit point was the King Fahad Gate. As expected, a lot of people were at Masjidil Haram at all hours of the day. On subsequent days, we were taken to Jannatul Ma’la, where Sayyidatina Khadijah r.d.a and her sons were buried along with some of the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) Companions. Most of the Ummahatul Mu’minin were buried at Jannatul Baqi’ beside Masjid al Nabawi in Madinatul Munawwarah except for Sayyidatina Khadijah and Sayyidatina Maimunah r.d.a. We also visited the burial place of Sayyidatina Maimunah r.d.a. Amongst the places we also visited were Jabal Thur where the Holy Prophet (pbuh ) and Sayyidna Abu Bakr r.d.a took refuge from the Meccan infidels who were trying to kill both of them. We also visited the Museum of Haramain. In Madinatul Munawwarah, we stayed at Dyar Taibah Hotel, room 1011, arriving around 8 pm after taking the 3 pm bus from Makkah al Mukarramah. The second day we were in Madinah, our mutawwif took us to visit the Raudhah. As usual a large number of worshippers were already present to get into the Raudhah. We visited the cemetary of syuhada’ at Jabal Uhud, visited Masjid Quba as well as the Al Qur’an Printing Complex where all male visitors were given a free copy of the Holy Al Qur’an. Female visitors weren’t allowed inside the complex. We also visited the date farm ( albeit no dates on the trees since it wasn’t the season yet!) We also went to the date market at the upper west corner of Masjidil Nabawi to get some Ajwa dates to give to friends and relatives back home. It’s true what people said, once you visited the two holy cities of Islam, you would wish to make a visit again…


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