Hatyai…………good to be back again

It seems to be ages ago that I was in this wonderful town. With the grace of Allah SWT I had the good fortune of coming to this town again after so many years.

Lots of things have changed but the town remains close to my heart.

While in Hatyai, I visited an old friend who is also my son’s father in law. Born and bred in Pathumthani he now runs his own business in Hatyai Nai. His office is situated near Masjid Kuan Lang in Hatyai Nai.

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A few things to take note before entering Thailand. Firstly if you travel with your own vehicle, please make sure to buy Thai insurance beforehand. You can see telltale signs along the small towns towards the Thai border such as Changlun and Bukit Kayu Hitam. I purchased an insurance for a week, costing RM18.00. Please make sure to get the white entry card and also get Thai bahts at the place where you bought the insurance. If you forgot to get Thai bahts at the border you can always get it in Hatyai but you may get less Thai bahts so be forewarned.

Once in Dannok, after having your passport checked and stamped ( the Thai Immigration Officer will ask RM2 from you as ‘entry fee’ ), you have to take your passport and photocopy of your vehicle’s grants and present it to Thai Customs.

Secondly, don’t forget to buy Thai prepaid sim cards at Dannok. There are three mobile operators that I know of, namely AIS, DTAC and True. I bought an AIS prepaid sim for THB100 with THB15 credit only made available. If in Malaysia, you bought a prepaid sim card for RM8, you normally get RM5 credit available! When I was at Hatyai Airport, i came across a TRUE booth which offered FREE prepaid sim to tourists!


During my stay at Hatyai Nai, I enquired about the internet services made available to the local Thai people. I was surprised when told by my dear friend that he only pays THB590 ( RM59 ) monthly for fiber optic internet services at the speed of 10MBps! For that speed in Malaysia normally users need to pay RM249!

But the price of fuel is indeed higher! Unfortunately I forgot to take a snapshot of the price when I refueled at a local petrol station.

Before coming back home, I also visited Songkhla. Had lunch at a shop next to the Masjid Al Hidayah along Khaosan Road and then took a stroll along Chalathat Beach before going back to Dannok via Chana.

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