Eid al Adha, is it just another public holiday?

There’s not much brouhaha when it’s Eid al Adha as compared to Eid al Fitr. I wonder why?…

You don’t hear Eid al Adha songs as frequent as you hear Eid Al Fitr songs being played aloud either on TV or radio. In fact there are few Eid al Adha specific songs to be found as compared to Eid Al Fitr!

You seldom see Eid al Adha “Sale” as often as you would see Eid al Fitr “Sale”

People still “balik kampung” during Eid al Adha as they would for Eid Al Fitr but the numbers dwindled by so much!

It would be very sad indeed if there are amongst my fellow Muslims who view it just as another public holiday!

Care to share?   😀


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