DiGi woes….

Of late, I’m baffled by DiGi Internet Services. I haven’t encountered any problems as I have had with DiGi while using other telco internet services. And I have used a few others             😀

This evening I topup RM30.00  to my DiGi prepaid card. After successfully toping up I tried to renew my Blackberry Internet Service but failed. All of a sudden my credit balance was down from RM30.00 to only RM24.90!

So I called their service centre and was told by the lady to turn off my Data Service and pull out the battery from my BB, which I did! She told my credit balance was still RM30.00

Then as per her instructions, I place back my battery, turn on Data Service and at the time my signal suddenly change from edge to EDGE!

I started receiving sms saying my internet usage have exceeded RM3.oo. Soon another sms came claiming my internet usage was RM8.00. I was again baffled since I haven’t renewed my BIS and didn’t access the ‘Net yet.

When I tried to renew my BIS I received another sms saying I was already subscribed!

After doing diagnostic test whereby my BB failed to connect to Blackberry, I discovered that my credit balance was now only RM21.00

I called the service centre again and enquire about it, The second lady told me DiGi cut RM8 from my credit balance since my phone was accessing the ‘Net! It was updating!

My phone was updating itself?

Any ideas where I did wrong folks?        😀

I never had any problem when I was using other telcos


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