Name calling…

It was brought to us that once a well known Sufi shaykh was walking with his murid when an opponent of his came towards them and hurled abusive insults to the Shaykh. Calling him all sorts of vile titles such as munafiq, disbeliever and so forth.

The Shaykh kept calm during the commotion.

The murid became angry and wish to retaliate but was prevented by his Shaykh from doing so!

When they got back to their zawiyah, the Shaykh took out a bunch of letters sent to him and showed the letters to his murid. He told him to read aloud what people address his as in those letters.

So the Shaykh said to his murid, “You see, my son. People have addressed me with all sorts of titles. Some called me a Zindiq, a Munafiq even a disbeliever! And there are others who call me the Knowledgeable Imam, The Fathomless Guide, The Friend of Allah, the Shaykh of Islam and so forth.”

“It is all but titles people address me….! What I worry is what will Allah SWT address me as at the Mahsyar? Will Allah SWT call me a Muslim, a Mu’min, a Munafiq or what?


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