Mawlid al Nabi 1432

Al Imam al Hafiz Al Suyuti have explained in detail about the virtues of commemorating the birth of the Holy Prophet ( pbuh ) in his book Husn al Maqasid fi Amal al Mawlid.

Al Imam Ahmad ibnu Taimiyyah in his fatwa collections Vol.23 page 134 said that commemorating Mawlid each year as practiced by some people will be rewarded by Allah SWT due to the good intention and honouring the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki in his book Shama’im Imdadiyyah, page 47 said, ” The blessed Mawlid is practised by all of the people of the Haramain, this is a sufficient proof for us. How can the rememberance of the Messenger [Hazrat Risalat Panah] Allah bless him and give him peace be censured?! However the excesses of people which they have invented should be avoided. As for the standing (qiyam) I do not say anything, Yes, I experience a state in the standing (qiyam).
He also said in ‘Faisla Haft Masala’ (p.7):
The approach/view (mashrab) of the needy one (faqir) is that I participate in it, rather I hold it to be a means of blessings and organise it each year and experience a pleasure in the standing (qiyam).

Among the ulama who supported the commemoration of Mawlid are al-Hafizh Ibn Dihyah (abad 7 H), al-Hafizh al-’Iraqi (W. 806 H), Al-Hafizh Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani (W. 852 H), al-Hafizh as-Suyuthi (W. 911 H), al-Hafizh aL-Sakhawi (W. 902 H), SyeIkh Ibn Hajar al-Haitami (W. 974 H), al-Imam al-Nawawi (W. 676 H), al-Imam al-`Izz ibn `Abd al-Salam (W. 660 H), the former Mufti of Egypt, Syeikh Muhammad Bakhit al-Muthi’i (W. 1354 H), the former Mufti of  Lubnan, Syeikh Mushthafa Naja (W. 1351 H)

Syaikh Yusuf al Qaradawi when asked about commemorating the Mawlid, said “Actually, celebrating the Prophet’s birthday means celebrating the birth of Islam. Such an occasion is meant to remind people of how the Prophet lived.”

Source:, NFIE, PondokHabib


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