Gelatin capsules

Yesterday evening, a mainstream TV station in their news broadcast reported that 30% of the medicinal capsules were derived from pigs.

Since pig is haram to Muslims, it creates a great concern amongst Muslims as to whether what they had consumed before was halal or otherwise.

The Director General of Jakim was reported to have said that if the situation was life threatening then it was alright to take the capsules even though is was derived from pigs citing the well known law

الضرورة تبيح المحظورة

So I was thinking aloud to myself, the capsule is just a containment for the medication inside. Since it is causing a lot of brouhahas, why not just take out the medication out of the capsule and consume it and thus avoiding eating the pig derived capsules?   😀

But on a more serious note, it’s actually up to us to ascertain what we consume. All that has happened, starting with Ramadan buffet in hotel which raises suspicion about it’s halal status to chickens being slaughtered to rum in cakes and so forth.

It all boils down to us as Muslims not providing enough goods and services needed urgently by Muslims, which makes it a collective obligation ( fard kifayah ) upon all of us.

I read once in a book about how a well known Sufi was imprisoned by the law of his time. His sister took the effort to provide the food he needed, making the food herself, thus ensuring that it was 100% halal. When she send it to the prison, she got word that her pious brother refuse to eat it.

Being sad upon his refusal to consume it, she met and told him that the food was lawful according to the shariah since she has made it herself from lawful and halal sources. She grind the wheat herself, took water from the well she had dug herself, saying zikr as she cooked it. So she asked why her pious brother refuses to accept it.

Her brother replied, “I have no doubt in my mind that it is halal since you yourself made it, but I refuse to have it since the hands that delivered the food that you prepared for me, are ‘dirty’ hands!”


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