About fasting and fidyah

A colleague of mine was inquiring about an old man was was in coma for 10 years, hence was unable to fast.

What should the members of the old man’s family do with regard to making fidyah.

The old man, since he was very sick so there was no obligation according  to the syariah for him to fast. Nevertheless he was required to pay fidyah without any multiplication.

So to calculate how much he or his family have to pay, according to JAIS the calculation is as follows :

Whole month of Ramadhan multiplied by 10 years and  the sum is then multiplied by 1 cupak rice or approximately 30 days X 10 years X 1 cupak amounts to 300 cupak of rice.

According to IslamiFinder the amount of days of Ramadan during 1422 till 1431 was 296  days.


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