Raya woes

I’ve been living in Selayang for almost 15 years and I’ve seen my fair share of water supply disruptions during all those years.

Today, on the eve of Eidul Fitri, the people of Selayang Baru are facing water supply disruption yet again!

It started around 7 am this morning and it occurred at Jalan 37. The repair works being done should be finished by 11am, a Syabas staff told me. Around 11.45am when I called my wife from AU3, she told me that there still was no supply of water! I called Syabas again, and after an apology, the lady told me that yet another pipe had burst at Jalan 11. The repair works was scheduled to be done around 3pm!

Guess all the clothes needing to be washed, the rendang and what not will have to wait…SYABAS???          😛

Hmmm………as people would say..”Sabar aje lah….”         😀


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