Working in a 24 hours convenient store…

Early this month my 18 year old son applied for a job at one of those 24 hours convenient store ( founded in the US but now owned by a Japanese company ).

The next week, I answered a call from one of the staff of the store located in Bandar Baru Selayang, asking for my son to start work immediately.

Before telling my son about it, I asked the girl whether they sell any liquors and the girl told me they had to but they only sell it to non-Muslims.

Then I remembered a hadith of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) mentioned in the Sunan of Imam Tirmidhi:

“The Holy Prophet ( Sallaho Alaihai Wasallam ) has cursed ten persons connected with drinking: The squeezer of liquor and the one for whom it has been squeezed, its drinker and its carrier and the one for whom it is carried, its server and its seller and the consumer from its sale proceeds, its buyer and the one for whom it is bought.”

So I told my son about how I felt, and though he was a bit disappointed about not getting the job at that store but I’m glad that he understood.


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