The Prophet Muhammad(saw)’s Marriage to Aisha

Umm Yusuf wrote in her blog, ” This is easily one of the most controversial and debated topics among Muslims and non-Muslims.  Many Muslims do not even know how to answer questions about this topic and instead choose to ignore it or lie about it. While many non-Muslims use this marriage as an opportunity to insult the Islamic faith and portray the Prophet Muhammad (saw) as a vile man.

Well, I found this lecture and powerpoint presentation to be excellent in explaining the marriage of the Prophet Muhammad to Aisha.  It should answer all questions and show the reality of the times.  I have given two links here for your convenience.

The Presentation accompanied by the lecture:

The Power Point Presentation without the lecture:

Dr. Ali Shehata asked the following question, ” Why did the Holy Prophet’s enemies over the past 14 centuries did not use this marriage as an excuse to attack him ( saw)

Why only now, during this century are they using this as an excuse to attack the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Please be sure to look at the presentations above by Dr Ali Shehata to shed some light about this matter.

Further readings:

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May Allah SWT guide us all.


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