U.S. fires missiles at Somalia terror target

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. military struck “a target against a known al Qaeda terrorist” in southern Somalia early Monday, the Pentagon said.

Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman, would not release any other details on the strike, which occurred when it was still late Sunday in Washington.

A U.S. military official told CNN’s Barbara Starr that the strike near the town of Dhoobley, close to the Somali-Kenyan border, involved precision missiles.

It was aimed at a “facility where there were known terrorists” affiliated with East African al Qaeda operations, according to the official. It is unclear whether the target was hit in the strike.

The result, according to CNN, “The strike destroyed two houses — killing three women and three children, and wounding another 20 people — Dhoobley’s District Commissioner Ali Nur Ali Dherre told CNN. Dherre said the remains of the missiles were marked “US K.”

Talk about precision! Precisely.



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