Facts on Iraqi Invasion

The US in particular gave several reasons for invading Iraq, which are:

  1. Iraq had WMDs and was a threat to world(?) peace.
  2. Iraq violated UN Resolutions.
  3. Iraq was not a ‘Democracy.’
  4. Iraq had oppressed its own people.
  5. Iraq used torture.
  6. Iraq had invaded its neighbours
  7. Iraq had links to Al Qaida and supported terrorism.
  8. Iraq told lies.

Well, according to KryssTal, the real reasons are :

  • Oil and Economic Control

Some interesting information provided by KryssTal :

  • George W Bush (President): Received $2,800,000 from energy companies and another $2,300,000 from the car sector. Enron donated more than $1,000,000. Bush is a shareholder in General Electric, BP, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, Newmont Gold Mining Corporation, Pennzoil and Tom Brown, Inc.
  • Dick Cheney (Vice President): Used to head Halliburton (the world’s biggest oil-services company worth $18,200 million). Since 1992, Halliburton has contributed $1,600 million to politicians. Was a co-sponsor to a measure to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and voted against the Clean Water Act which required industries to release their toxic emission records. Since 1998, Halliburton has completed $24 million’s worth of repairs to Iraqi oil pipelines. Dick Cheney has stated that “energy security should be the priority of USA foreign policy”.
  • Spencer Abraham (Secretary of Energy): Received donations from General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler.
  • Gale Norton (Secretary of Interior): Has received donations British Petroleum and Ford.
  • Condaleeza Rice (National Security Adviser): Spent 10 years on the board of oil giant Chevron Corporation. Chevron is involved in Nigeria where there is increasing USA military involvement, including training of Nigerian military to police the oil fields and secure pipelines.
  • Don Evans (Secretary of Commerce): Was Chief Executive and Chairman of Tom Brown Inc. (an oil company). He was also a board member of Sharp Drilling, an oil industry contractor.

Read the details on KryssTal.


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