Are you happy?

Did you rush off to selected Giant Hypermarkets recently and got your happy sim pack? Are you happy? Do you really understand what the pack is all about? It’s not about making calls and only charged 99 sen!

You were told that for a maximum of 45 minutes, you will only be charged 99 sen. Lots of savings, isn’t it? To a certain extend it is. To benefit from Happy sim pack from DiGi, you need to make a call more than 99 seconds! To save money, make it more than 3 minutes or 180 seconds. If you have so many things to talk about, this package is great!

If you make a call, say for 50 seconds, you will be charged 50 sen which if more than what’s being charged by other Telcos. Other telcos are charging 36 sen a minute. If you use happy sim pack and make a 1 minute call, you are charged 60 sen!

My guess is that guys and gals who ‘swings‘ on public phones at night would gladly use happy sim pack from DiGi.

Buy it if you want or need to, but do study the rates , ok? Have a happy day!


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