Eid al Adha

In two days time, Muslims in Malaysia will be celebrating Eid al Adha which according to the shariah is the Eid al Kubra ( Greater Festival ) as compared to Eid al Fitr, since Eid al Adha is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

In practise, Muslims busied themselves more with celebrating Eid al Fitr as compared to Eid al Adha.

A few things that comes to mind if we were to compare between the two Eids.

Most Muslims in Malaysia prepare early to welcome Eid al Fitr. New clothes, new curtains, kuih raya, new coat of paint/wallpaper for the house or at least the living room, duit raya + sampul raya, new songkok and tudung for some. To some extend, there are people who changed their entire living room too.

What about the preparations for Eid al Adha? New clothes? Nope! Just use the clothes bought for Eid al Fitr. Kuih Raya? Maybe….

Eid al Fitr is to celebrate our victory over our nafs. Eid al Adha is a celebration to remember the sacrifices of three servants of Allah, who put Allah‘s wishes above all else, even their own lives.

Sayyidina Ibrahim a.s was given a child during his old age. When that gift was asked to be ‘returned’ to Allah, Sayyiduna Ibrahim a.s gladly obliged.

So is the case with his pious wife, Sayyidatina Hajar, whom whereupon the devil told her that Sayyidina Ibrahim a.s has been commanded by Allah to sacrifice his only son, she as a loving mother to her only son, submit to Allah‘s command without any regret.

Sayyidina Ismail a.s when told by his father, Sayyidina Ibrahim a.s that Allah has commanded for him to be sacrificed, says to his beloved father to follow Allah‘s every wish and command. “Surely,” he said,”O, father, do as being command to you by Allah! You will find me amongst those with patience.”

Truly those who Allah wants them to be ‘nearer’ to Him, Allah shall give them tribulations upon tribulations.

So on this joyous day, let us reflect upon the sacrifices made by them and those who follow in their footsteps.



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