Cheney attempts gag on Iran dissidents

Two CIA officers have revealed Dick Cheney tried to silence dissidents within US intelligence who contradicted him over Iran’s nuclear case.

“The publication of a position paper on Iran, bringing together the views of the various American intelligence agencies, was adjourned for more than a year,” ISNA reported from Le Monde.

According to a former CIA official who was involved in the preparation of the fact sheet, known as the National Intelligence Estimate, brings together the analysis of the sixteen American intelligence agencies, the report has been ready for a year and gives an account of assessments different from that espoused by the White House and Dick Cheney.

“They [the White House] have refused to publish the reports of these divergent appraisals,” said the ex-officer.

A second former CIA officer, Philip Giraldi, confirmed the deadlock, based on his own contacts within the American intelligence. “The National Intelligence Estimate has been revised and rewritten three times in a year, because of pressure from the White House,” said Giraldi.

“The House wants a document which it could use as evidence to justify its strategy towards Iran,” he added.

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