Allah created man unequal

Allah created man unequal to each other

not the same

Allah created man thus is but a blessing from Him

If man were created equal, mankind will suffer

In it is a hidden secret, most man couldn’t ponder upon

Among men are the wealthy, for the economy of their race

There are man with knowledge, for the progress of their country

There are man in power, for the wellbeing of their people

There are those who shoulder arms and weapons, for the sake of sovereignty, religion, race and country.

Man who are poor is needed too, that is why Allah created them thus

Heavy works, construction works, their strength are much needed

Their prayers are needed too for the safety of the nation

Do not humiliate them but take care of their livelihood

If all man understands and cooperate

Their ( the poor ) livelihood will not be forsaken

They ( the poor ) should not feel humiliated for they can contribute much too

What’s important is for each to understand their position ( in the society ) and place themselves at the right position

And then strive hard and sacrifice according to one’s own wish with ikhlas

Give respect to one another, for each has their own contributions

Love one another, for we are in need of each other

Do not humiliate, what more throw malice

Every person has their own benefit, if they are used wisely.

After Asr



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