It’s always great to be home

For the third consequent year, I only went back to my Mom’s house after Eid, having celebrated it with my in-law on the first day and with my Shaykh on the second day.

Eventhough it was an eight hour long drive back to my Mom’s, the moment I saw her face, I knew it was worth it.

As usual, apart from visiting my Dad’s grave, I visited my aunt and uncle in Pulau Kundor and Telipot. I also went to my Dad’s kampung, Kg Gua near Salor to visit my remaining uncle on my Dad’s side and also my cousin, who’s house was next to my uncle’s.

I also managed to brush up my dialect while I was at my Mom’s too!

The trip to buy Nasi belauk was rather interesting, or as my Mom calls it Kedai Beratur ( The Queuing Shop ), since I had to wait in line for almost an hour and a half for the Nasi Belauk.


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