Recommended Reading for YB Rahman Palil

I’d recommend these books to our Honourable Hj Rahman Palil, if he wish to know more about meeting the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in the state of wakefulness ( yaqazah )

  • Al Fawakih Al Diwani by Imam Al Allamah Al Nafrawi
  • Al Zakha’ir Al Muhammadiyah by the late al Muhaddith Dr Sayyid Muhammad Alawi Al Maliki
  • Al Bayan by the current Grand Mufti of Egypt,  Al Allamah Al Mufti Dr. Ali Jum’ah
  • Tanwir Al Halak fi Imkan Ru’yah Al Nabi wa Al Malak by al Hafiz Jalaluddin al Suyuti,  the 9th Mujaddid.

If he’s not fluent in Arabic, I’m sure some of the people from JAIS can read it to him.


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