Ethnic Cleansing or “Amnesty”

So the election grows closer, and it’s time to satisfy all those people who have been demanding that we put a stop to illegal immigration. The failure of the so-called “amnesty bill” leaves the government no choice other than expulsion of anyone without papers.The National Guard is activated and the city and state police forces are nationalized. Sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods round up all the Spanish-speaking people with brown skin and sort them out according to who has the right documentation.

Six million of them are found to be illegal immigrants.

They are loaded into buses, trucks, cattle cars and transported to the Mexican border. It’s all handled very humanely – they’re well fed on the way, and we pay the Mexican government a hundred dollars per returnee to pay for their return to their homes. That’s $600 million, but it’s so worth it.

Read it here 


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