TM Let’s Talk 38 Package

I was offered TM’s Let’s Talk 38 package last month. Without going into further details, I readily accepted the offer. Now, I think I may have been duped.

At a glance, the package was a saver, no ( RM25 ) monthly fees, free 500 minutes of local calls ( I only make around 200+ monthly ), free 60 minutes national calls ( most of my national call were to hand phones and occasional to my Mum in KB ). Calls to mobile phones are at the same rate or is it?

After making a call to their toll free number, I was informed that if you make calls to hand phones using Let’s Talk 38 package, you will be charged based on a flat rate. Which means that if you call your friend’s hand phone for only 20 seconds, you will still be charged 1 minute ( i.e 33sen/min to Celcom and 38sen/min to other telcos ).

Previously when I make a call to a Celcom number say for 10 seconds, I was only charged 10 sen. Now, under this package if I make the same call for 10 seconds also, I will be charged 33 sen, night or day! So where’s the saving?

So the only way to save using this package is to avoid calling hand phones using your house phone and avoid making national calls MORE THAN 40 minutes in a month.

Can’t wait to see my first bill due on the 28th of this month to see how much I have saved!

Please take note that once you subscribe to this package, you can only terminate it after 6 MONTHS.


7 thoughts on “TM Let’s Talk 38 Package

  1. I received a letter from TM today. “We are pleased to inform your application for Lets’s Talk 38 has been processed” I naver made an application

  2. zzZ… i dont know who is the ppl accept the offer in the telefon… i think no one of my family will accept, becoz when we hear any telecom call us.. we will refuse all the offer…but… suddenly i was received a letter said.. already applied..=.=”
    i have see the package charge in the internet…
    actually will reduce the payment.. BUT only in specific hours zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ

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