Run IE7 Without Installing!

Look at this link from a fellow wordpress blogger (… I’ve tried it myself and there wasn’t any error.

Try IE7 without updating

Fact. IE7 Beta 2 Preview is available [link]

Yes, you can try all IE7 features without updating Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.

1. Extract all the files from IE7B2P-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe in one folder using WinRAR.

2. Delete: folder, update and files, ie4uinit.exe spuninst.exe spupdsvc.exe install.ins (I didn’t do this step but IE7 worked fine)

3. Create a new empty text document and rename it to iexplore.exe.local

4. Done! Run iexplore.exe

Have a nice browsing experience!

Tip: If you have any problems with this method, try IE7 Standalone Lunch Script

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