My Shaykh Said


Let us try to be among those people who seek knowledge because it is God’s orders and to practise such knowledge as a means of devotion and to be close to Him. By doing so, we hope to gain God’s acceptance and be safe from humiliation on this earth and in the Hereafter.

The knowledge to be used to develop the economy, the military, agriculture, buildings, schools, offices, roads and others in order to protect their faith, to strengthen the Shariah (rules of Allah), to aggrandize the symbols (shi’ar) as well as to glorify His commands. Hence, we would be among those people, in using the knowledge for development and progress and at the same time, very critical towards the Shariah (rules of Allah),very careful concerning the permissible and the prohibitions while upholding the Islamic disciplines. All the efforts and progress achieved are also considered as acts of devotion and good deeds towards Allah Taala. The efforts are regarded as the struggle in the way of Allah (jihad fi sabilillah) and are given good rewards by Allah, the Benevolent. We hope to be one of those people of knowledge who fear and love Allah and considered as those with taqwa.

In seeking and acquiring knowledge, Muslims should seek knowledge because of Allah Taala, otherwise, everything would be in vain. Even if there are gains for this world, it will nevertheless constitutes a loss in the Hereafter because Hell is the only consequence, God forbids.


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