How Should We Act

As Muslims who understand the struggles in Islam, there are many enemies to be faced, amongst them are our own nafs, the syaitan, the munafiks, the non-believers, the Jews and the Christians.

Another group who are against Islam are those named as Orientalists i.e. those who are specialist in Islam and very knowledgeble about people from the East. They are mainly Christians, some of them are Jews and some of them are free thinkers i.e. those who do not follow any religious rules.

These Orientalists seek indepth study of Islam, not for the sake of becoming a Muslim as they don’t have the interest to become one , but they learn Islam for comparison with other religions and ideologies. They learn about Islam with the intention to destroy the Islamic teachings itself. They would change the facts, they would put in additional facts and they would purposely add and delete factual informations just for the sake of deviating and confusing the Muslims who are ignorant of Islam and also to prevent others from becoming Muslims.

The main target for confusion are the Muslims with are trained and educated in the west and ignorant about Islam. With these efforts, many of the intellectuals among the Muslims with Western education have been influenced. Many of these people are those with power and status in their own country in the fields of politics economy and education.

When we hear of any remarks against Islam by the so called Orientalists, we should look back at ourselves and the way to react to such things should be our heart and with proper guidance from Allah, our beloved Prophet PBUH and our Mursyid, spiritual teacher. We should not respond to them with anger and emotions which could be demeaning to ourselves and Islam.
God has promised help to those with taqwa and our mission should be towards correcting ourselves and get ourselves closer to God, love and fear only Him.InsyaAllah His help will be on the way and we leave the enemies of Islam to God Himself.


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