My Shaykh said…


None of God’s creations go to waste. Everything has a reason, everything has its usefulness, everything has its purpose. Leaving up to all human beings to search for its reasons, usefulness and its wisdom

God laid down the earth and created everything in it not simply for human beings to live, reproduce and making use of all the wealth He provides. What’s important is for us to witness and observe physically His creations. These are the vital and solid proof of His existence and one of the reasons as well, why God created the universe.

Human beings are capable of looking at not only the world of syahadah or physical world but various other worlds as well. World is an indication or signs of God’s existence. Everything that God creates is considered as world or alam, anything besides God is world or alam. There are only two existence either God, the Creator or His creations (alam/world). The world exists indicating there is God,the Creator.

Majority of human beings simply look but not really seeing anything. Even though they manage to look at pysical things,they are not able to relate the world with God. Their sight could access only the first level. They are not able to to see or understand the wisdom of God’s creations. Their views are somehow overshadowed or restricted, like a beautiful painting, they are engrossed and overwhelmingly praising its beauty and wanting to be its owner but it did not cross their mind to find out who’s the painter.

Another similar situation when one is served with good and tasty meal, one feels like eating up the whole serving and it did not cross the mind who’s the person capable of cooking the delicious meal.

Human beings, in actual fact are able to see things through:

1. With the normal eye sight
2. With the ‘eyes’ of the mind – intellectual mind
3. With the ‘eyes’ of the heart or soul – spiritual mind

to be continued


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