Iraq oh Iraq

March 2003- A tragic month for my fellow Muslims in Iraq.

The invaders promised democracy and to rebuild Iraq, AFTER they ruined it.

The only building that is on schedule is a 21 storey building which will be the new ‘American Embassy’! Dubbed the ‘Bush’s palace’ by the Iraqis, the American invaders are sending a clear message to the people of Iraq, “We are here to stay”, well at least till all the oil have been drained up dry!

The new building will house about 3,500 diplomatic and staff. It will have a sports centre, beauty parlor and a swimming pool too. The building will house 6 residential blocks that will provide residence to 600 of the invader’s families. No such luck to all the poor guys in Fallujah!

The complex has it’s own surface-to-air missile station. The 25 hectare land was a ‘gift’ from the Iraqi government

Scheduled for completion in June 2007, the entire complex costs $US600 million. All the construction workers on the site are FOREIGNERS!

Any chance of rebuilding all the Iraqi people’s homes, hospitals, not to mention masjids (they’re blowing up masjids now!) by the invading troops.

Fat chance.